when feeling rushed

a look up from the bottom and you’d think that i was flying, but i’m coming down to be with you. i know it’s been lonely and i haven’t been there, but i won’t leave your side ever again i promise. you’re okay now. don’t worry about me, my descension to the depths isn’t turbulent, it’s soft- in fact i’m floating. gliding next to the tarnished interior isn’t all that bad, but the brick walls are cracked and covered in ash. what was burning? are you okay my darling? i’m so worried but i love you so much. please be okay, i’m coming. don’t leave before i get there, i remember that exhaustion and how it took you from me for days. i can’t lose you again. i’m hurrying but it’s dark and i can’t breathe and i’m trying so hard please forgive me please

forgive me.

i’m coming.

hold on my


i’m coming.



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