it always starts as a stroll. we pass the same street corners every day, the same homeless man sitting under the same tattered umbrella. it never crossed my mind to invite him on our walk, but in my defense, he does not seem like the kind of person that would happily accept an invitation to a lovely afternoon in the park. though i don’t invite him to our daily walks, i do continually make an effort to spark up conversation with him. but things changed last week, when we took our last stroll, and nothing looked quite the same. i felt like i had to absorb every inch of the sidewalk, keep my voice down so i could remember the sound of your laugh for forever, keep my eyes on your facial features . i loved your laugh, its warmth radiated through my entire body; if i concentrate hard enough, i can almost feel the tingling sensation spread through my arms.

i go on walks alone now. the same street corners, the same homeless man and the same tattered umbrella. but this time, i decided something would be different. i asked him, the homeless man, if he would come on a walk with me through the park. i cannot possibly describe the smile that spread across his face, the sudden light i saw ignite from somewhere within this man.

his name is emerson,

and he is so wonderful.


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